Gaming mouse pads

KaterGames gaming mouse pads - for maximum comfort

The behavior of a gaming mouse and its reaction time do not only depend on the device itself, but also on the surface on which it is used. If you want to enjoy maximum comfort in both gaming and daily use, you should focus on quality. Especially regarding mouse pads##break##

The perfect addition to your gaming accessories

Mouse pads are a dime a dozen. However, large mouse pad variants in particular, on which the mouse and the keyboard have a permanent place, are enjoying increasing popularity.

The advantages are obvious: On the one hand, large mouse pads offer you the opportunity to move around a large area and, on the other hand, they protect your desks from signs of wear and tear.

We at KaterGames provide you with a great selection of high-quality mouse pads that always deliver what they promise, both in terms of quality and appearance. The stable sewn edges protect the pad from fraying on the outer edges - so you don’t just enjoy the practicality of a KaterGames mouse pad for a long time, but also its design!

  • Excellent quality
  • Modern designs
  • Fully sewn edges - no fraying
  • Meets even the highest standards of gamers

XXL mouse pads for more reach of play

Our gaming mouse pads are primarily geared towards the special wants of gamers. They have an even gliding property without delays, which enables perfect and precise control as well as optimal control over the mouse itself.

Not only at work, but also when gaming, users can experience completely new levels of comfort by using a large gaming mouse pad with a total area of 900 x 400 mm or 1200 x 600 mm!

JEach of our gaming pads is made of water-repellent materials. That means it is not the end of the world if a liquid is spilled. In addition, each of the mouse pads from KaterGames can be washed without any problems and they still retain their intense colors and shape.

  • High comfort of use
  • Special surface enables precise control
  • Washable
  • Water-repellent

Modern mouse pad designs

Of course, we are aware that in addition to the practical aspects, the design also plays an important role. For this reason we offer our KaterGames XXL gaming mouse pads in different stylish versions.

Whether you prefer your gaming pad to be colorful and eye-catching or prefer a simple and elegant design - everyone will find what they are looking for! We have made it our goal to cater to every taste. After all, a gaming mouse pad should be the perfect addition to your gamerspace and blend in perfectly with the environment.

Other important facts about our mouse pads

The gaming mouse pads from our company score points with various ingenious properties. Thanks to the use of only high-quality materials, users can enjoy a whole new level of comfort that they will not want to miss in the future.

The mouse pads have a size of 900 x 400 mm and 1200 x 600 mm. So they not only offer space for the mouse, but also for the gaming keyboard. The mouse pad itself is 3 mm thick, which makes it possible to work with little to no noise.

It has a non-slip underside that ensures that the gaming pad stays in place at all times; a clear advantage, especially for very enthusiastic gamers!

The already mentioned sewn edges of the gaming pads prevent them from fraying. Thanks to the excellent workmanship and outstanding quality, the gaming mouse pads from KaterGames promise long-term enjoyment of the product.

Do you have any questions about our gaming mouse pads? We are of course happy to be at hand at all times!